57mm(width) x 50mm THERMAL PAPER ROLLS minimum 10 Rolls

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57mm(width) x 50mm THERMAL PAPER ROLLS  minimum 10 Rolls

Our eftpos rolls are Industry approved and Made In New Zealand.

Things you need to know when choosing eftpos rolls.

Question:- What length of paper is on the eftpos rolls?
Answer:- Our 57x50mm rolls have a length of 26 meters. Imported rolls have a typical length of 19 meters. Yes, thats right, you get 36% more paper on our eftpos rolls!

Question:- What is the quality of the paper like?
Answer:- Our paper is Industry approved thermal paper. It produces a dark bold image with good clarity which is great for cell phone top ups and bar code scannability. It has high image retention and will meet the standard minimum 7 yr image retention when stored in recommended conditions. Imported paper on the other hand can produce a grey faded image which is often unreadable and the image retention may only last a year!

Question:- What does poor quality paper do to my equipment?
Answer:- Thermal coating residue build up, insulates the thermal element degrades print quality and overheats the element causing print head failure. Good quality approved thermal paper will not leave residue like imported abrasive paper is likely to do. Replacing print heads can be very expensive!

In short, better quality, better price and NZ made. Do your bit to keep New Zealand working.

These eftpos rolls retail for over $2.30 per eftpos roll ($0.50 here!) at places like Warehouse stationery. Grab yourself all of the quality at a fraction of the price!

Made in New Zealand, very high quality product, you will not be disappointed.

57mm X 50mm  High Quality NZ Made eftpos rolls

Suitable for most brands of thermal EFTPOS machines including:

Cadmus AC8000K

Cadmus AC8000P


Hypercom M4230

Hypercom T7plus

Hypercom T7PT

Hypercom T4220

Hypercom T4230

Ingenico i5100 Landline/Broadband EFTPOS

Ingenico i7910 Mobile EFTPOS

Keycorp K23 Standalone EFTPOS

PAX S80 Landline / Broadband EFTPOS

Verifone Vx510

Zintel 4200


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